Monday, April 9, 2012

DNA Connects Man With 15-Year Old Sexual Assault in KC

A Colorado man has been linked to a 15-year old rape and robbery charge in Kansas City. Jeffery Ford is a suspect in a 2009 Colorado charge and was being watched by police. When he spit on the sidewalk outside a service station, police collected the DNA evidence which has been matched to evidence collected from the 1997 KC charge.

In 1997, a woman was stranded in a parking lot when she was approached by a man. The man chased her, beat her and forced her to a secluded area where he then raped her. Afterwards, the man grabbed the woman's purse, picked up a brick and threatened to bash her in the head if she didn't run away. The woman ran immediately to the street where she was picked up by a passerby and taken to the police station.

A loophole in the Missouri law does not allow Ford to be charged for the rape, but they have filed charges for robbery.

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